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Minebea Intec is supporting global vaccine production

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, the global economy has been turned on its head. Due to the impact of the pandemic, once sturdy structures such as importing, exporting and supply chains have proven to be fragile at times. Across the world, manufacturing industry has been reporting steep cuts. Are all industries affected? No, not all of them. Individual manufacturers such as Minebea Intec are demonstrating the highest level of performance at this time where it is needed most.

At present, we are all placing our hopes in the vaccine output of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The world awaits a real solution to the coronavirus pandemic with a vaccine for the entire population promising to be that long-awaited turning point. Corporations around the world are working under immense pressure to develop and produce reliable vaccines. They are supported by suppliers such as the global manufacturer of industrial weighing and inspection technology, Minebea Intec. Based in Hamburg, they produce specialist technologies that are precisely tailored to the needs of its customers in these sectors. Their equipment and systems weigh mixing containers, check packaging in accordance with the most stringent hygiene requirements and allow standardised, accurate processes to be implemented along the entire production line.

Safe processes with the utmost discretion

The details of production are, of course, a trade secret. “Outside of the industry, our technologies aren’t well known,” Willy-Sebastian Metzger, Director of Marketing, Strategy and Business Developer at Minebea Intec explains. “Information about which machines ensure the quality of production processes gives people an insight into methods that companies are not keen to disclose, which is why our customers generally insist on confidentiality.” This means, in the current coronavirus coverage, that Minebea Intec technologies themselves are barely visible. The fact is, however, that high-precision results play a key role. “Minebea Intec equipment and systems are integrated into the major production lines of the American vaccine manufacturers. The same goes for all three of China’s production plants, including that of CoronaVac producer Sinovac Biotech.”