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High Precision Sensors

The sensors we use every day do not often enter our awareness because they are fixed elements in our daily lives. Sensors are the things we use every day, without even realizing it. Most of them are hidden inside a great variety of electronic devices. It is widely known that sensors are used in many different sectors where a vast variety of characteristics or conditions can be detected. In electronic displays, for instance, deformations, weights, and pressures are converted into electronic signals. Nowadays it’s impossible to imagine life without detectors whether they’re in our homes, cars, or industry. They serve many purposes that make our lives easier. Currently, MinebeaMitsumi is developing an innovative bed sensor system that can improve patient care.

Strain gauges

The MinebeaMitsumi strain gauges are composed of an etched measuring grid film on a thin plastic carrier that measures expanding and contracting deformations. In many weighing technologies, these principles are integral to the technology, as with, for example, common home scales, crane scales, or even measuring materials’ stresses. Even the slightest deformation of the measuring grids changes their resistance. Particularly with load cells, they stand out for their low size and weight, along with their sensitivity and stability. Static stress management is one of the most common uses of strain gauges in civil engineering, but they can also be used for testing material shock and endurance.

Force sensors

 MinebeaMitsumi force sensors are ideal for bathroom scales, video game consoles, household devices, computer peripherals, cars, load sensors, and many other applications. This is a mass-production oriented product that makes use of strain gauges. The sensor demonstrates excellent thermal properties because it automatically compensates for temperature changes. Precision and shape can be customized based on your individual requirements.

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Pressure sensors

In order to generate an electric signal, MinebeaMitsumi pressure sensors convert pressure into electrical signals. Strain gauges also play an important role in this, along with silicon on sapphire technology. This type of sensor offers a long service life, stability, and reliability. Sapphire materials are especially accurate and thermally stable – the sensors operate in environments as hot as 350 degrees Celsius. These instruments can be used in many different applications, such as regulating the oil pressure in construction machinery, monitoring the interior pressure of pipe connections, and testing the coolant pressure of air conditioning systems.  

Load cells

Load cells manufactured by MinebeaMitsumi use strain gauges in order to convert voltage, pressure, or weight to electric signals. In addition to measuring, collecting, controlling or monitoring loads, load cells are attached to a wide range of measurement devices. It is important to measure the weight as precisely as possible, depending on the application. Strain gauges are equipped with spring bodies that ensure their accuracy. Various applications are possible.  

Environmental sensors

Mitsumi offers cost effective environmental sensors in a miniaturized surface mount platform for applications requiring low power consumption, small size, and fast response time. Our temperature switches are available with hysteresis function ideal for consumer electronics over-heating protection. These sensors are available with either analog or digital output (I2C) for monitoring applications. We also offer a dual temperature and humidity sensor that employs a proprietary polymer and parallel plate capacitive structure provides robustness and reliability.

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