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MinebeaMitsumi Launches Its First Smart Lighting Equipment for Home Use

MINEBEA MITSUMI Inc. (Head Office: 4106-73 Oaza Miyota, Miyota-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture; Representative Director, CEO & COO Yoshihisa Kainuma, hereinafter referred to as MinebeaMitsumi) will release for sale smart lighting device “SALIOT pico,” which can control light using the dedicated smartphone app “SALIOT,” at 1 PM, March 16 (Tue.), 2021 on our official EC site “MinebeaMitsumi Online Shop”.

MinebeaMitsumi has been developing the SALIOT (Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet Of Things) series of IoT lighting fixtures, and delivered them to many facilities such as art galleries and museums, hotels, and showrooms. The orientation, brightness, light color, and light distribution angle can be controlled from a distance with a smartphone or tablet, which has revolutionized light adjustment installations.

“SALIOT pico” is a smart lighting device for home use that expands our knowhow on optical technology, circuits, and wireless technology cultivated in SALIOT for consumers. This product uses various lighting methods such as task light, indirect light, and directing light through the high color rendering properties (Ra97)* and abundant light variations that are required in art galleries and museums. With this, we will realize a new light space production for homes.

* Color rendering: The appearance of an object’s color when illuminated by light/Ra: The value of the average color rendering index. The more closer the value is to 100, the higher the original natural color reproduction property.

While there is a demand driven by “stay-at-home” requests, the space production at home, including the lighting equipment, has become a big trend. Shifting from one light per room (the ceiling light in the center of the ceiling to evenly illuminate the entire room) to multiple lights per room (multiple lighting fixtures are placed on the ceiling, walls, and floor to illuminate where desired), many people now take pleasure of a new lifestyle of enjoying lights.

MinebeaMitsumi, which has supported the world’s industries as an “Electro Mechanics Solutions™*” provider that combines mechanical and electronic technologies and control technology, will contribute to the realization of new lifestyles by utilizing a wide range of advanced technologies including ultra precision machining technology.

* “Electro Mechanics Solutions” is a registered trademark of MinebeaMitsumi Inc. The registration No. is 5322479.



Dedicated smartphone app “SALIOT”

Product Features
 Control the light freely with the app

Light can be controlled with the smartphone app.
You can easily change the light according to the season, situation, and mood.
In addition to turning the lights on and off, changes in brightness can be controlled over time
so it can be used as lighting before and after a day off, or as security lighting when you are not at home.

② Light space can be easily produced by retrofitting

Each compact spotlight can be individually illuminated in a different direction. In addition, dimming and zoom can be adjusted individually, so you can design and realize your personal lighting space.

③ High color rendering properties used in art galleries (Ra97)

Because it uses LEDs with high color rendering properties that are also used in art galleries and museums, it illuminates interiors beautifully and complements rooms as lights that make things look beautiful.

④ Abundant variations

There are two types of compact spotlights, 1W (watt), which is suitable as a faint production light, and 3W, which can be used as a task light. We have prepared 3 types of 1-lamp, 2-lamp, and 3- lamp respectively, and “stand type” and “wall-mounted type” for a rich lineup of 12 types in total. The neat, straight line design and the luxurious feeling of metal fits into various spaces. Choose according to your room and purpose.


The new LED lighting fixture “SALIOT (Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet Of Things)” developed by MinebeaMitsumi Inc. applies resin molding technology cultivated in LED backlights. By controlling the distance between the optically designed lens and the light emitting diode with a motor, light irradiation range and angle can be automatically adjusted. Furthermore, through the application of wireless technology in the development of our original software, it easily controls not only the light distribution angle and brightness, but also the brightness and irradiation position up, down, left and right with a smartphone or tablet.