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Lighting Innovation

SALIOT (Smart Adjustable Light for IoT), is the Industry’s first LED light capable of automatically adjusting light distribution angles, pan, tilt, dimming intensity and zoom, all from the palm of your hand. SALIOT can be manipulated with a smartphone based application providing one-touch controls. SALIOT incorporates our ultra-thin lens – a fusion of a Fresnel and TIR lens into a single plate. This innovative design is possible through our expertise in optical simulation technology and precision injection molding. With this technology, we are also able to achieve the thinnest LED backlights with superior light dispersion.

SALIOT Lighting Innovation

The intelligent SALIOT LED lighting stands out with its many innovative features. The total package consists of a unique lens technology, smart switching, precise motors and comfortable wireless communication. From an app, one or more lighting units can be easily controlled. Discover the many options with SALIOT and capture exactly the right atmosphere for every moment.

Light settings - simple, reliable, smart

Use the smartphone app in comfort to set the desired lighting position, dimming level, light distribution angle or even the color temperature, thereby creating the best light for each setting. And save your favorites afterwards as a setting for the next event. In high-ceiling rooms, light settings have never been simpler. On top of that, SALIOT also stands out from the rest, having been celebrated in Japan and Germany on several occasions for its impressive design. You can

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Just install the free SALIOT app on your terminal and browse up to 100 SALIOT lights as a group – or examine any of these individually. The technique of saving and reproducing lighting scenarios is a popular feature especially in restaurants, museums and galleries as well as shopping malls. You can find the app in the App Store and in Google Play.

You’ll see the light!

The technology behind SALIOT is based on an ultra-thin, innovative lens. No more than a millimeter in thickness, the lens uses an integrated prism pattern to reduce light loss to a minimum. The precise MinebeaMisumi motors make it possible to adjust the distance between the light source and lens and thus to achieve unrestricted control over the light distribution angle. The enhanced light distribution can point the way to the street lighting of the future.

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