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Sustainable Radiator Valve

The SmartValve: Works without
battery and power connection
  • Technological advantage
  • Easy integration into your system
  • Individual housing design
  • High-Tech device for your customer
  • Enviromentally neutral energy production
  • Application in large office and farm buildings
  • MinebeaMitsumi is your expert partner
  • Savings in heating costs
  • No battery change and no battery waste
  • Simple installation
  • Compact construction
  • Wireless control through room controller
  • Flexible control single rooms
  • Maintenance free operation

Energy Self-Sufficient and Effective

When it comes to the numerous new smart home concepts nowadays, the question of environmentally neutral energy production is of great importance, immediately followed by interoperability. The SmartValve energy self-sufficient radiator valve eliminates the need to change batteries and can be easily integrated into any existing smart home system.

The Technology

A thermoelectric generator uses the temperature difference between the heating installation and the room air to generate an electric voltage. A flow temperature in the radiator of more than 30 degrees Celsius and a room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius results in a temperature difference of more than 10 K. This difference is vastly sufficient for the generator to build up a sufficient supply of energy.

The energy harvested from the environment is temporarily stored in a buffer, so that the system can be permanently supplied with power. Maintenance is thus unnecessary. In predefined intervals, the intelligent SmartValve radiator valve communicates by radio with a room control unit that monitors the temperature. The smartphone can optionally act as a control centre.

Application areas

The SmartValve is particularly applicable in large office and farm buildings and hotels. The easy installation and the wireless integration in the building automation allow for a suitable heating control.

Not only heating costs are saved through this. All other expenditures fall away through the low-maintenance operation. This means that SmartValve is also a useful facilitator in the private areas.

Ready for the Future

Our efficient drive is also available in a battery version on request. This has a much longer operating time per battery change than previously available electrical thermostatic valves. The housing of our SmartValves can be adapted to your corporate identity. The communication with the room controller is performed through EnOcean by default, and all other protocols are also possible.

Technical Information and Data

The SmartValve is an electronic actuator that generates the required energy itself and is wireless controlled.

The thermoelectric generator uses the temperature difference between the heating installation and the room air to generate an electrical voltage.

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