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Education partnership

Shortly before the summer holidays started an education partnership between the Realschule Kißlegg and myonic GmbH was signed. Such a partnership prepares pupils for the later work life in the best way. In addition to the education at school this partnership offers practical experience and an insight into the reality of work. It is therefore a central issue of the partners from school, government, trade chambers and economy to invest into this sustainable cooperation. It is also a means to cope with the shortage of skilled labor.

Visits of pupils in the company, internships/weeks for vocational orientation and training at myonic as well as visits of the training team at school will be part of this cooperation. It starts with the pupils of grade 8 who will be able to make first contact with work life during company tours. But in particular myonic supports the grades 9 and 10 in vocational orientation and training. Furthermore, the company will be represented at the education exchange market in Kißlegg.

On the occasion of signing the contract myonic manager Christoph von Appen thanked the headmaster Martin Weishaupt for being prepared to bring myonic in. He also thanked the training team for the active part in arranging the partnership. „I am glad that we can contribute in supporting young people in designing their professional future“.

Thus myonic can exhibit a continuous concept for child and youth development programms from kindergarden (TECHNOlino-cooperation) via school up to training and dual system studies.

Martin Weishaupt (Rektor Realschule Kißlegg; vorne rechts) und Christoph von Appen (Geschäftsführer myonic; vorne links) unterzeichnen die Bildungspartnerschaft; Johannes Beckers (Ausbildungsleiter; hinten links) und Bernd Koslowski (Ausbilder; hinten rechts) freuen sich auf die Zusammenarbeit.