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MinebeaMitsumi Inc. announces that we established a new “Green Products” logo.

Almost all of MinebeaMitsumi’s products are environmentally friendly, precision products that are compact and make downsizing possible, contributing to energy-saving and space savings. Since 2019, we have been working on the “MinebeaMitsumi Green Products Certification Program”, which selects products with particularly outstanding environmental contributions and certifies them as MinebeaMitsumi Green Products.

The Green Products logo represents MinebeaMitsumi’s rich green tree, which symbolize the growth of global environmental protection activities.

The large green tree formed by gathering MinebeaMitsumi products symbolizes the prospect of further growth by introducing environmentally friendly products to society with the introduction of the MinebeaMitsumi Green Products certification system.

Each one of these rich greenery represents our core business, “eight spears,” and our will that MinebeaMitsumi will work together as a group to protect the global environment and nurture a rich environment.

Through its business activities, MinebeaMitsumi will create products that contribute to energy conservation and the improvement of the global environment. By the fiscal year ending March 31, 2029, MinebeaMitsumi plans to raise the ratio of Green Products to net sales to 90% or more.

Green Products Sales Target


MinebeaMitsumi considers carbon neutrality is an inevitable mission to humankind. MinebeaMitsumi not only pursues QCDS (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service) but also adds E (Eco / Efficiency) and S (Speed) as a new product strategy “QCDESS” to solidify the foundation for the 100th anniversary. Focusing on “E” in particular, we will not only reduce our own emissions, but also provide our customers with energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions to support the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions.

About MinebeaMitsumi
MinebeaMitsumi is an “INTEGRATION” manufacturer of high-precision components that handles various mechanical and electronic devices and components such as bearings that smooth the rotation of machines, motors, sensors, and semiconductors.
Our ultra-precision technology is used in a wide range of fields including home electronics such as air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, dryers, game consoles; information devices such as smartphones and PC products; automobiles, aviation, and space products; and medical equipment. We support people’s lives in areas that are not in plain view.

* INTEGRATION means “combining” rather than “simple gathering” of the Company’s proprietary technologies to evolve the “core products” and to create new products in various fields through the INTEGRATION of our advanced technology.

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