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Backlight Unit for LCD

LCD Panel are used for TV,Personal Computer, Mobile Phone, Degital Camera etc widely. LCD Panel can not emit light by itself. To emit light, it need the backlight(light source) on the back of LCD Panel. Minebea develops and manufactures the parts used for backlight and backlight using LED light source,for Mobile phone, PC application. As below picture,Backligt are made with some optical parts.Key parts of Backligtht Unit are light guide plate and housing frame. Minebea’s principal competitive advantages are its ultraprecision machining and mass production technologies. Injection mold die need sub-micron ultraprecision machining and stable injection mold technologies.Minebea has amassed precision ball bearing’s technologies enables it to achieve levels of precision unmatched by its competitors. Minebea also uses these technologies for in-house parts, modl die,tooling and product of Backlight Unit.The function of light guide plate are transforming positional light source to surface light on display uniformly and efficiently.It realize optical design by own optical simulation and independently developed design program. Minebea assembles Backlight Unit by the technologies it put parts into limited space, greatly contributing to the precision and reliability. Minebea put into force exhaustive environmental control at Thai and China factories and enable manufacturing the bulk of Backlight with high quality and stable supply.


LCD Panel(Size less than 15inch) for Mobile Phone, Smart Phone, Electronic Dictionary,Portable Audio, Car Navigation,Note PC,Tablet PC.


Key competitive advantage for Minebea is its vertically integrated manufacturing system ,which encompasses processes-including optical design and structure design, production and maintenance of die, production of in-house parts for Backlight Unit,and assembly and testing. This system gives Thai and China factories a sharp edge in terms of quality,supply capabilities.

Flagship product

Backlight Unit for LCD Panel of Mobile Products



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