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VR resolvers, angle sensors based on a variable reluctance method, have a promising future mainly for use in controlling motors in automobile-related applications. VR resolvers are expected to find a wide range of applications in the future, such as in electric powered steering, hybrid cars, electric cars, integrated starter generators, brake by wires, steering by wires, and valve controls. The signal from a VR resolver can be converted digitally using the same R/D converter as those intended for the brushless resolver.

Parts Number of multiple Stator outer diameter
Rotor inner diameter
10VRX 2X-4X 25 6
15VRX 2X-5X 37 12
21VRX 2X-8X 52 18
26VRX 2X-8X 66 30
40VRX 2X-6X 101 45
52VRX 2X-6X 132 52
63VRX 2X-8X 160 93

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